Transformers 2.0 në mikrofon Më Shumë Apliko Tani: Thirrje për artikuj për Platformën "Connecting Youth" Më Shumë “PROGRAMET INTERREG IPA TË BASHKIMIT EVROPIAN: ÇFARË OFROJNË PËR TË RINJTË?” Më Shumë Konferenca Kombëtare e Punës Rinore 2.0 Më Shumë KROS TEYC: Gara Sportive me nxënës nga gjimnazet e Tiranës Më Shumë

 Të Fundit


    Meet the team who made this possible and other partners like you who will contribute to make this program a reality during 2022 Get acquainted with the program themes and their goals – Ask your questions and share your ideas – Leave your mark by giving a hand to the young people that will be the change makers of Tirana, Albania and Europe tomorrow!


    “Tirana EYC 2022, Boost Conference” is an online conference and a platform for “Tirana European Youth Capital 2022” supporters. It aims to bring together partners and stakeholders, institutions or organizations who will have the aspiration and opportunity to explore what this title comprises of and provide their support to the organization and delivery of the Tirana EYC program in 2022.


    As a partner, organization or individual in Albania, you have the chance to provide real support for the young people of the capital. It is only through joining forces together that we can create
    something beautiful for the younger generation
    in Albania and help them shape their future as true members of the European family!

    The 8 themes of the program: