Privacy policies
This policy informs you how TEYC2022 collects and uses the personal data of individuals, visitors, candidates participating in the PPA, individuals who complain about the problems or the progress of the services we provide, etc., and where their processing is performed after the issuance of consent from the subject of personal data and / or in other cases provided by law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008, “On the protection of personal data”, as amended.
TEYC2022 is a public body that is organized and functions in support and implementation of law no. 139/2015, “On local self-government”, law no. 115/2014, “On the administrative-territorial division of local government units”, as amended, the internal regulation on the organization, functioning, duties and responsibilities of the administration of the Municipality of Tirana, as well as any legal and sub-legal act in force that regulates the exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations by local self-government units.

TEYC2022 has a website, through which it collects and transmits information to citizens, businesses, interest groups, visitors, etc., regarding the fulfillment of functions and responsibilities charged by applicable law, daily work performed by the Municipality of Tirana , information about the services it provides in the areas of housing, territorial planning and development, public transport, co-ownership, culture, civil status office, archive, public funeral service, social service, recruitment procedures for employees / employees, acts approved by the Mayor and the Municipal Council, various requests / complaints for obtaining information or solving various problems, as well as many other services and activities, through which increases transparency and realizes communication and interaction in real time with each entity interested in thus enabling effective, efficient governance and at a level as close as possible to the citizens. Also, through this website, each individual can access the information / service in a complete, accurate, in the most appropriate form and within the most reasonable time, thus providing better public services.

Object of Privacy Policy
The purpose of this document is to inform the subjects of personal data on the manner of collection, processing, dissemination, storage and security measures taken for the data declared on the website, processes which are carried out in full compliance with the provisions of the framework. legal and regulatory for the protection of personal data in the Republic of Albania.

Use of personal data
Personal data can be used to communicate with visitors, complainants or any interested subject, for historical, scientific or statistical purposes, to follow and complete employment procedures, regulated by relevant legislation, etc., ensuring that they are not processed for take measures or decisions for an individual, as well as guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information provided. TEYC2022 carries out the lawful processing of personal data, respecting and guaranteeing fundamental human rights and freedoms and, in particular, the right to privacy.

The TEYC2022 ensures that every user that the data that arrives in its database, is provided with the highest security system and at the same time is committed to rigorously implement the entire legal framework in protection and respect of any action related to user data, according to the provisions of law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008, “On the protection of personal data”, as amended and any other act approved by the Commissioner for the right to information and protection of personal data.

Protection of personal data
The protection of personal data is based on:
a. processing fairly and legally;
b. collection for specific, clearly defined, legitimate purposes and in processing in accordance with those purposes;
c. the adequacy of the data, which should be related to the purpose of the processing and not exceed this purpose;
d. to allow the identification of data subjects for a period of time, but not longer than necessary for the purpose for which they were collected
e. the accuracy that the data should have and, where necessary, should be updated, taking any steps necessary to delete or correct inaccurate or incomplete data, in relation to the purpose for which they were collected.

The municipality undertakes to protect and not misuse this data in any case.

The right to complain
Any person who alleges that his / her rights, freedoms and legitimate interests for personal data have been violated, has the right to complain or notify the commissioner and request his / her intervention for